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I have always enjoyed telling stories to my friends while growing up. I remember sitting behind PS125 in New York City on summer days and telling stories to Robert and Nelson, that I would make up at the spur of the moment.

Later on in life as a parent I kept my kids and their friends entertained with my stories. I always put them as characters in my stories which added to the excitement. The stories could be funny or scary; depending on what they wanted to hear. It could be about monsters, wolves, name it I would make a story about whatever they wanted to hear.

It wasn't until I retired in 2008, as I was leaving the office for the last time, a good friend suggested I write a book. It stuck and I wrote my first book; The Heart of an Assassin in April of 2009. In 2010 I released my 2nd book; The Birth of an Assassin and now I am about to release the final of the trilogy; The Legacy of the Assassin.

I just recently moved to Surprise Arizona, from Cheektowaga New York, and am looking to settling here and continue writing and telling my stories as long as I can.