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Tricia Duffy

Tricia Duffy is a top selling author on Amazon. She has written several books, articles, training manuals and assessment modules.

Tricia is a retired teacher and lives in Brisbane, Australia. She enjoys playing with her seven grandchildren and indulges in a scintillating game of bridge whenever she can. She recommends Pilates as a means of balancing the body and strengthening and stretching the muscles.

She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2000. If you, too, have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and feel that your life has fallen apart, know with certainty that you can get through it.

Tricia has walked the path you are now treading and the aim in all her books is to expose the myths, and to demonstrate through her own practical experiences that you, too, can be well again and enjoy an interesting and productive life.

Tricia believes that the solutions need to be simple, easy to implement and affordable. There is no necessity to struggle through complicated, difficult and expensive treatments.

Tricia has also published a self help book called "Fast Train to Nowhere". This book helps the reader to free up more time and take control of their life and their future with simple yet very effective strategies.

Her latest book about the Worldwide Shoppers Club promotes helping small business and building sustainable and stable and prosperous communities. You can contact Tricia through her web site