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Vandy Singleton

Vandy Singleton has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Tulsa and a master's degree in administrative leadership from the University of Oklahoma. She has taught a variety of college classes including composition, literature, creative writing, humanities, and more for over twenty-five years - up until cancer changed the course of her life. Her professional titles have included instructor, student success advisor, disabilities coordinator, ombudsman, and academic support coordinator. In addition, she helped to develop an Upward Bound program in Northeastern Oklahoma. Her primary career objective has always been to empower others by helping them gain knowledge and an education, especially those less fortunate or those that struggle. But a cancer diagnosis forced Vandy to redirect her life and her energy. Now, her wish is to become a writer and a recorder of humanity. Vandy currently resides in Clear Creek Canyon in Fish Lake National Forest in central Utah with her three cats, Mojo, Telly-May, and Katy-Fey.

Leonard L. Singleton, a graduate of Langston University, has a bachelor's degree in business management with a minor in computer programming. However, his real education began while suffering through a horrible addiction. It was through this addiction that he would discover the power of Spirit. While incarcerated at Nottoway Correctional Center in Virginia, he became active in the church and encouraged his fellow inmates by sharing through example and by teaching them the importance of being connected to the Spirit.

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