The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief I


The story starts with The Mexican signing up with that now notorious mercenary company, Executive Outcomes. Here his drinking progresses at a alarming rate once again. Only this time he decides to do something about it. It took about a year of trying and failing before he got on track. Then after seven years of sobriety, one… not so fine day, he picked up a drink again. If you thought that been a mercenary was an adventure the story that follows is a record of even stranger adventures and travels, interesting people, some good, some bad and some downright evil. The Mexican picks up a new nickname, Gypsy, as he never stays too long in one place, roaming the Southern tip of Africa as the cards are dealt.
So, saddle up and take a ride, with The Mexican Horse Thief, if you dare.

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Wayne Bisset
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ALSO I CANNOT SPELL TOO WELL! Irony at its best.

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