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Open your phsyce!

This book reflects how love can be so wrong but so right to the person that is living within the relationship. Kadee, a student of Forensic Physiology, studying case notes on why people kill when they claim they love the other person. You would have thought that she would and could have seen him coming, but she didn’t. Instead she fell head over heels for him. as this web of love unfolds we find that there is more to this than meets the eye. I loved this book because it’s about control, and I am fascinated how that works, how someone can give up and give in to someone. The Author Jacqueline Simon Gun, herself a Psychiatrist obviously has the heads up on this subject, but what has impressed me is that she has weaved and very good plot involving all the characters, so if you are like me and like to work things out before you finish the mystery, this one has a very good twist to it. 5 stars because its well thought out well written and kept me guessing right till the end!

About the Book.

“Forensic psychology student Kadee Carlisle never believed in love at first sight. Beautiful and bold, with a flair for neurotic intellectualizing and internal banter, she thought she was destined to spend her life alone. A cynic at heart, her belief: “Romantic love is a delusion.” 
An attractive stranger, a chance encounter…
One morning, in line at a coffee shop, she meets tall, handsome, elusive Noah Donovan. The moment changes everything.

Passion turns to obsession…
A relationship burgeons. Taken in by Noah’s allure, his masterful listening, his attentiveness, Kadee lets her guard down and is swept away by their romance. But some subtle indications suggest that Noah is hiding something. Torn between her love for him and her growing sense that he isn’t being honest, Kadee finds herself in the throes of obsession, unraveling rapidly. She thinks of killing him. But does she?

Nothing is quite as it seems…
Five women, one murder, a web of secrets, lies and betrayals, a quest for answers, a search for the truth, the intertwining of love and hate, and the larger looming question: What leads someone to commit murder?

A piercing look at the dark side of love and the contradictory nature of human emotion. The multiple point of view narration offers a wavy ride, with a harrowing glimpse into the lies we tell ourselves, in this erotic thriller exploring passion gone terribly wrong.”


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Charlotte Hains left the UK for France after deciding she needed a change, taking on the huge project of renovating a house. In the UK her life consisted of getting up, going to work, coming home, going to bed, and just surviving. She now enjoys French life within the community of the village in which she lives, and feels privileged to be part of it. She describes her French neighbours as fantastic, offering her help in every way they can, and says she might have given up long ago if they hadn’t been so understanding.
With her house nearly finished she found herself with long nights and lots of thumb twiddling, reading anything she could get on her iPad. In honesty, she admits it was here that Fifty Shades of Grey caught her eye. Unbeknownst to her, her sister was reading it as well. Her sister thought that, because Charlotte has such a creative side, maybe she’d be able to write a book too. As a joke, Charlotte emailed her sister her stories, also written on her iPad. She researched blogs and BDSM sites on the internet, and so Introducing Charlotte came alive. Before she knew it, Charlotte had over 150,000 words which she’d sent by email in instalments to her sister, and there was more than enough for a book...or maybe even two!

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