El Despertar de Cthulhu

Miguel Odonoju un joven promedio acude a Miskatonic con la finalidad de solicitar la ayuda de John Howard Brown un afamado autor obsesionado con los antiguos secretos primigenios. Ambos rápidamente forjaran una solida amistad y se verán inmersos en las insondables y horribles sombras ocultas a través de los evos intentando desentrañar el mayor misterio, quien es el Monje negro, cuya presencia a ocupado diversos títulos y rangos sociales y a estado presenté en todos los periodos de la tierra y en sus hechos mas oscuros; pero sobre todo buscaran descifrar el significado de la frase albergada en el cuaderno del difunto abuelo de Miguel la cual dicta:
“El Demonio vestido de negro, se oculta bajo la obscura ciudad”











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Johnn A Escobar
Hello I presented my name is Johnn A Escobar; good thing I can say about me; I guess is a good start start saying that writing has always been my passion since childhood when I first read the novel Robinson Crusoe one of the most famous works of writer Daniel Defoe, have since joined in writing giving birth to my first story brief nine years for a literary contest in my school, from that moment I knew that was what I wanted for my life and started writing different stories later collected in my book the Eye of the World. But as every writer should always slow progress but said and felt that little by little I have been making; To be more precise I still guided by the basic idea that an author should never forget being reader because reading the great is how you learn, authors of great category as Edgar Allan Poe, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Bran Stoker, Arthur Rimbaud I walked many others post could pass me by naming them but would never end. As for my humble person I can say I am a simple man guided by his passion is writing and expressing my ideas through them, with some simple others more complex, but I think the best way to know is through reading my works; to conclude I must say that I am open to debate and man talk made it invited them cordially to read my books and if they have suggestions or opinions will be more than gladly to hear them, I Of course left a cordial greeting and a thank you for taking it the time to read my biography.

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