The Girl who wore her shoes on the wrong feet

“My little sister, Clare, is really weird. She believes that wearing her shoes on the wrong feet, is like walking in someone else’s shoes…” Clare is a very normal, fun loving, little girl. Okay, she may enjoy wearing her shoes on the wrong feet. Yet, besides that unique little quirk, there is, this little child who enjoys life and the little problems that are thrown into the mix. Her family and friends may find her odd, but if they gave her, unusual, behavior, a chance, they could learn a lot from her; a life’s lesson, that could help them a long the way.”



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Julienne Holmes
Julienne Holmes (aka Julies Ruth) writes romance and children stories. She has published her books with such self-publishers as Publish America,, and, most recently, Createspace. There's not much to say about this author, except that she likes to write and read. Her favorite authors are Lori Handeland, Heather Graham, and Nora Roberts.

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