Hillary and The Don: Last of the Mohicans

The presidential race portrays, all too visibly to an impartial overseas observer, the consequences of the American dream gone sour. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton represent the final wave of baby boomers still active on the world’s stage. Despite their sincere efforts to appear presidential, they come across as grotesque caricatures of Mom and Pop, who think they know what’s best for the kids. Donald is possessed by the idea of power, not over himself but in the control and manipulation of external forces. It’s important for Trump to be perceived as smart and savvy and at the top of his game, which he upholds as a bastion for his values as an all American citizen. Hillary is a patriarch and dogmatic in her determination to uphold the American constitution and its virtues in her role as a beacon of truth

Donald is the devil but not all bad – just tempted by the glamour of the world. This desire is satisfied externally by the global brand of Trump and the gaudy self-aggrandisement that characterises his material acquisitions all over the planet. In his relationships with others he relies on his magnetic personality to get what he wants, either through the seduction of his undeniable charm or, alternatively, as a force of emotional intimidation. Donald Trump wants to be loved unconditionally by his adoring followers and admirers. In that, he’s not much different to anyone else; but just in a stronger position to make it happen. His genius is his incredible ability to motivate people and surround himself with those willing to serve him in achieving his worldly objectives. But his weakness is not so much his overblown sense of self, but in being emotionally vulnerable when his pride is wounded. It’s the fear of being perceived as a loser, should anyone or anything threaten to destabilise his position as patriarch in both his professional and family life.

Hillary is at war, and has been ever since she entered the political arena on a personal crusade. The enemy, however, has not been the terrorists, or even the Iraqis, but more personal and closer to home. Hillary is a woman first and a politician second. Sometimes in debate there’s a fleeting glimpse behind the façade of the fury with man’s duplicity and the undermining of her essential dignity. Hillary Clinton is an unpredictable woman because husband Bill, the closet reflection of her formless love within, has been divested of his true authority as a man, not so much by his past indiscretions but by his dishonesty to the woman he loved. The danger with Hillary in the White House, with her finger on the nuclear button, is that she could reach a point when, world-wearied and alone, she releases her hatred of man’s failure to love on behalf of the disenchanted women of the world.

The race for the White House has always been a no holds barred contest, with each side looking for a killer blow that will turn the public tide and take the winner to the top job in the land. But this particular presidential election between Hillary and The Don is unique in being stoked by bitterness and hatred across the country, polarising the people and creating a fracture line across the nation. The result is civil unrest and spasmodic violence, erupting like gushes of lava from a seething inner volcano. Trump and Clinton are diametrically opposed as positive and negative conductors of the haves and have-nots. The irony is that Donald Trump is perceived by the majority of blue collar workers and lower income families as a spokesperson campaigning on their behalf; while Hillary Clinton, the archetypal puritan, campaigns for the middle classes and merits of wealth management.

Irrespective of who wins the presidential race, America will never be the same again. The mythic story of the Mohicans resonates deeply within the world psyche. It symbolises the decimation of a tribal identity and the struggle of man to retain his nobility against overwhelming odds. The new America began with the Pilgrim Fathers and the proliferation of little Hillarys and Donalds who created, in time, a superpower built on the pioneering spirit that made the nation great. But the cost in terms of the depravation and enslavement of entire swathes of indigenous people has never been fully accounted for. The decline of any civilisation begins with moral decay as the rot of corruption begins to weaken the resolve of the few – and then the many. The United States is poised to undergo a dramatic transformation that will revolutionise the political landscape. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the last of the Mohicans, albeit slaves to an unconscious force beyond rational recall that is directing the country on a downward trajectory towards a diabolical confrontation with itself.

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Lance Kelly
Lance Kelly is a modern day mystic with feet on the ground.
Writer and author: 'The Myth of the Tarot'. The Amazing Journey of the Fool. Blog has posts on my perceptions of life and the mystery of existence.

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