It is a privilege to be joined joined by author Harvey Jones. With her big personality I am sure there will be a few treats in store for us as she talks about her books HookUp and Legacies as well as her life as an indie author..
Charlotte Hains: The most asked question to any author is Where did you get your inspiration from for your erotic romance book?
Harvey Jones: Again, like yourself, I didn’t like the Fifty Shades trilogy, I thought it was derogatory towards women. I wanted to write about relationships based on mutual trust, honesty and respect, while being non – judgemental about who or what the sexual preferences of people are.
Charlotte Hains: Why did you decided to choose erotic romance as your genre?
Harvey Jones: I just sat down at my computer and started writing. At first I wasn’t sure what I was writing but the ideas seemed to flow easily. It was already in my head as if someone was telling me what to write; quite strange really, I don’t honestly know where it came from. It wasn’t my intention to write an erotic novel, but maybe because I had Fifty Shades playing in my head that’s why I wrote erotic.
Charlotte Hains: It seems to me that there is a fine line between writing something that is erotic and not ending up with something pornographic. Being a new author of the erotic genre did you find it difficult to know where to put that line?
Harvey Jones: I didn’t find it difficult. I wanted to push the borders without being vulgar, I think you can paint a picture with words, and leave a lot to the imagination of the reader.
Charlotte Hains: As an indie author myself, I know exactly how hard it is getting out there and taking the plunge into publishing, I found many pitfalls. What pitfalls did you find and how would you advise people not to fall into the same traps?
Harvey Jones: Research your publisher, there are people out there that will take your money and you will not get anything in return. Ask other authors on Twitter or Facebook – you will find lots of valuable help out there if you are willing to put in the leg work online.

Charlotte Hains: Alternative lifestyles are very hard to write about I think. In order to write about it correctly do you find it better to put yourself in the place of others living that lifestyle, and writing the story from a fly on the wall perspective? How did you find making your book realistic – or as true to life as you could get it should I say?
Harvey Jones: Yes I do think you should become your character. It’s very important to research your subject and see how you would feel if you were in that situation. Being honest with yourself and how you would really feel in any given situation is vital.
Charlotte Hains: Following on from the last question just a little, I do know that you will always get readers who disagree with some aspects of your stories, especially if you are truly portraying the subject in your books as realistically as possible; so how do you deal with their criticism?

Harvey Jones: I have broad shoulders and I believe that everyone has the right to their opinion, just as I have the right to put my opinion down in a book. I try not to be disheartened about bad criticism, and to be honest I try and see the positive in everything that people say, I hope this will make me a more rounded individual and enhance my work.
Charlotte Hains: I know that readers’ honest opinions are very important to all indie authors, and that their reviews help us to become better writers and to understand what the readers really want from an erotic book. So what would you say to your readers and how would you like them to help you?

Harvey Jones: Everyone likes different things from erotica so information from your readers is vital. Therefore it’s crucial to interact with your readers – follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Google and all social media, speak to them, ask them questions get to know them, start conversations and threads with other readers. This helps me so much as a productive author to get good positive feedback. Can I also take this opportunity to thank those of you that have supported me in your reviews and comments, I am just as excited when I get a new review as I was when I got the first,

Charlotte Hains: As a child we are introduced to books and then reading; what book inspired you to read, and what book – if different – opened your imagination to a world of make-believe and fantasy?

Harvey Jones: I have always loved reading. I grew up on Enid Blyton, but at fourteen I read The Quest for a Faradawn, by Richard Ford, it left a lasting impression on me and has left me with a desire to read all types of fantasy literature.
Reading is very important, you can learn so much. Its a never-ending catalogue of fillers for the mind. Fact, Fiction, Fantasy, you learn something new from every book. But I must say that my all time favourite is fantasy.

Charlotte Hains: I prefer to read in bed, snuggled into the pillows all nice and relaxed with a good glass of red wine sitting on the bedside cabinet and the odd naughty little chocolate to pop into my mouth when I am being swept away in my romance novel. When, where and what genre do you prefer to read, and what drink and food do you like to read with?

Harvey Jones: For me I have to be curled up on the sofa in the afternoons with my faithful dog at my feet, a long drink – has to be vodka and coke – and chocolate is always a must and very welcome to sit alongside my tall long drink.
Jan Harvey is just one half of Harvey Jones. Living and working in Wales she enjoys her life, valuing all the friends and family she has around her. I found her very caring and kind in every aspect of her life. I know I have only had a week with Jan but I can honestly say she is the real deal and aspires to make such a big difference not only in her alternative lifestyle writing but also in everyone she meets.

Jan also writes short stories and poetry, so hop along to her pages and see what you think about this amazing person. Please leave feedback on her sites she is always glad to hear from fans.
Thank you for joining me here in Italy to do this interview and to share a little bit of my life. I have had a fantastic week getting to know you as an author and an individual.

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Charlotte Hains
Charlotte Hains left the UK for France after deciding she needed a change, taking on the huge project of renovating a house. In the UK her life consisted of getting up, going to work, coming home, going to bed, and just surviving. She now enjoys French life within the community of the village in which she lives, and feels privileged to be part of it. She describes her French neighbours as fantastic, offering her help in every way they can, and says she might have given up long ago if they hadn’t been so understanding.
With her house nearly finished she found herself with long nights and lots of thumb twiddling, reading anything she could get on her iPad. In honesty, she admits it was here that Fifty Shades of Grey caught her eye. Unbeknownst to her, her sister was reading it as well. Her sister thought that, because Charlotte has such a creative side, maybe she’d be able to write a book too. As a joke, Charlotte emailed her sister her stories, also written on her iPad. She researched blogs and BDSM sites on the internet, and so Introducing Charlotte came alive. Before she knew it, Charlotte had over 150,000 words which she’d sent by email in instalments to her sister, and there was more than enough for a book...or maybe even two!

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