Land Over Time

Land Over Time is the sequel to the book Something In the Sky, and continues the story of sophomore Lyle Kent who comes back to Oregon to help his family survive. During his ramblings through the countryside, he discovers a strange place in the woods that only nature and history can explain. He also finds a place in his community where he tries to help others and himself. This is the story of a small town struggling with change, growth, and how everyone has a duty and a right to participate in decisions about the future.

The trilogy is a story told by a teenager about his everyday experience of trying to thrive with his odd-ball family and the strange small-town people. He is a writer who expresses himself in writing as well as with his actions. He finds many ways to see himself and others and he is tuned into the history and mythic lore of a place by others, especially his Great Grandfather.





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June Reynolds
June A. Reynolds was born in Oregon and moved to Hilltop Farm near Sherwood when she was ten years old. She has been a teacher and librarian in the Pacific Northwest for 35 years and has worked with students from pre-K to 12th grade. She has also taught secondary levels of English, History, and Drama. She has two grown children and two grandchildren.
Being a local historian, Mrs. Reynolds has written two history books about Sherwood and one historical fiction book about Alsea, Oregon. She has written two screenplays and several stage plays, along with a musical for the Oregon Sesquicentennial. She re-enacts history and runs a History Camp every summer for kids.
She now has ties to Arizona and writes short story books about the local lore of the state in her "Desert Series." Hiking, camping, playing folk music and freelance writing for blogs keeps her busy most of the year.

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