Of Land, Sea And Sky

The escapades of a modern day adventurer and entrepreneur. Author Malcolm Snook has been an explorer and climber, skydiving instructor, car and motorcycle racer, advertising agency owner, swing dancer, actor and long distance sailor.
Of Land, Sea and Sky certainly has something for everyone.
This extended second edition also has two chapters destined for the sequel, to be called Mostly of Sea which will cover eight years of adventures as a boat gypsy on an old sailing ketch.
Those adventures also spawned another book, entitled How To Anchor Safely – So You Sleep Well! essential reading for anyone wanting to live cheaply on a boat and spend long periods anchored, rather than luxuriating in expensive marinas.
Of Land, Sea and Sky has been updated as well as extended. It’s an ideal read for anyone who lives life to the full, vicariously, or in fact.









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Malcolm Snook
Author, adventurer and entrepreneur. Six years a full time skydiving instructor, eight years racing single-seater cars, two years racing motorcycles and ten years a long distance sailor. And that's besides earning a living and latterly running my own business.
Time to slow down? No, just getting started.

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