Leofwin’s Hundred

Jem Dearden inherits an estate attached to Leofwin’s Hundred, a remnant of the ancient Forest of Arden. He discovers research notes in which his late father claims to have been transferred to a different timeframe in the forest, where he saw an Anglo-Saxon warrior. Intrigued by what he reads, Jem continues the research where his father left off.

Jem and his colleagues, all of them, members of the elite SHock and Force Team, SHaFT, investigate. Deep in the primeval forest, they find a structure built by an alien race. It is a portal leading to different times and different worlds. The portal leads to action when SHaFT has to summon all of their resources to stop a psychopathic criminal in his murderous course . . .

And when Jem meets the beautiful Anglo-Saxon woman, Rowan of Maldon, is it possible against all the odds for the love they have to endure over a millennium of time?

In the forest, descendants of the alien race who brought the structure to Earth are still present, and they are watching…












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John James Overton on Twitter
John James Overton
J.J.Overton is from Coventry, in England’s industrial West Midlands. He served an apprenticeship as a precision toolmaker, studied mechanical engineering, and is a Freeman of the City of Coventry. He was a director of Grey and Rushton Precision Tools, and subsequently was involved with quality control in Coventry, at industrial giants, Alfred Herbert Machine Tools, Massey-Ferguson, and Courtaulds Structural Composites. In later years, before devoting more time to writing, he was a self-employed stained glass artist.
His native Warwickshire, with its rich, and sometimes turbulent history, influences his writing, which at present is science/speculative fiction.
He is married, and has two adult sons.

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