Love doesn't live here anymore, by Ayani Meli

Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

There are two storylines. During the beginning, the matriarch of the family makes her transition, which sets the stage for a relationship check between a woman and her sister. The main character, Journey Rhodes, was born and raised in a small southern town, where unlike larger metropolitan areas, life is not as hectic. However, certain things are universal. We all have family that drives us crazy and we must all examine ourselves and gauge our Christian walk by a plumb line. That process can be both painful and humorous.

“No one can tell me that our Father does not have a sense of humor. He allows trials to come our way. How excellent is hindsight. I had completely forgotten I had invited hell to move into my home. Every home has a flow; created by its inhabitants, but soon it takes on life, becoming a living, breathing entity. When something is amiss, it affects us, just as cancer affects the function of our bodies or a bad burrito affects the function of our elimination process. The man who coined the term “urgent bowel” had eaten a bad burrito. Something wasn’t sitting right in my Spirit.”

“I laughed from the very beginning of this story to the closing chapter. This book, for me, is refreshing … because many writers are so serious … that you can read a whole book and never laugh once.”
Theresa Harvard Johnson Voices Of Christ Literary Ministries

“Ayani Meli´s introspective look at self-examination through the lens of humanity in her work is powerful and resounds with each stroke of her pen. Poetic and prosy, her stories and poetry expands from her pen to a community of readers and will impact greatly.”
Pam Osbey Author, Cause I Can.

ayani_meli on Twitter
I am a Child of the Most High, Author, Poet, Playwright, Griotte and CEO of Revolutionary Disciples Media

I am mommy to the most anointed, precious and handsome little boy in the world.

After graduating from Davidson College, I taught drama at an alternative school, serving the needs of behaviorally challenged youth. I helped to establish Neighborhood Networks Computer Centers in culturally diverse areas in Boston, teaching regular computer classes, digital storytelling, and incorporating my love for poetry and drama into each center. The spiritual and educational needs of rural youth are very important to me. Currently I am sitting on a couple of Gospel plays for future production.

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