Nothing Is Predictable- YouTube Synopsis

Zara is a vibrant, funny, resilient American born woman struggling with a traumatic past. At the age of eight years old, her father, in a drunken rampage, accidentally shoots himself dead, leaving her to battle through her life carrying the responsibility of fatherly duties.
She is torn between the memory of his benevolence and the drunken, violent, incoherent alcoholic she viewed as a ‘monster’ the last time she saw him.
With his death begins Zara’s long journey of haunted nightmares of her father and the search to find peace.

The story is an emotional roller coaster with picturesque settings in Europe, States and Lebanon. A love story with gorgeous sexy men around the world, particularly her Swiss God, Livio, which is a hilarious chapter.
It is a tragic beginning for young Zara passing through war zones and dealing with her fathers death and the nightmares.
Zara meets a monk, she meets a gypsy, she is a martial artist that has endless love relationship failures interspersed with heartbreaking moments, then one day, she discovers some disturbing news and sets of on a pilgrimage to find peace.

You will cry you will laugh and totally agree in Zara’s life: Nothing Is Predictable.

Why does Zara have recurrent nightmares of her last night with her father?


This represents the religious boundaries and difficulties Zara experienced. Being a Christian and falling in love with a Muslim that was not acceptable in her culture and then throughout her days turns to Buddhism for self discovery. Zara calls herself a Chrisbuddian. Have a look at one of the photos attached. Chrisbuddian is one of the main chapters in the book.

They represent the broken life she has had. From a traumatic childhood to failures in her relationships and instability in life.

Zara has endured sadness and heartache. Deep down she is a soulful person that has so much to give yet found at times nothing but sadness in return.

Above all, the vibrant colors represent Zara’s bubbly and  humorous character. Her sense of humor is portrayed throughout the story. There are some hilarious moments that elude her idiosyncrasies and above all the heartbreaking moments, she still blurs out the funniest comments.



Nothing Is Predictable falls under the genre of Fiction.

However in the classification world it is  ‘Roman à clef’ meaning ‘Novel with a key’. ​All characters are fictitious and although some parts are inspired by some true events, it cannot be Non-Fiction, memoir or biography. Most content is Fiction.

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       About Adalina

After leaving the corporate world of management, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion to write. I’m also a lover of movies and always wanted to be an actress, however, the universe did not align that path for me during my professional career. I am hoping that one day my novels will become a motion picture. I guess there is always a way to fulfil my dreams in some way or another.
I hope you get to read the novel Nothing Is Predictable, so far, I am overwhelmed with the reviews I have received from readers and professional reviewers. Mostly 5 Star Reviews! Wow.
You will find the message of the story an inspiration to find true happiness through forgiveness.
I know many of us have experienced heartbreaking moments that stamp an ugly footprint in our lives. Just know that in 100 years all our problems with be solved. 🙂
If we can’t wait that long, as Kuya the monk said to Zara in the novel:
​ “Drop it like you drop a sack of potato. Let it go”.
That’s right!  Because , MY life’s incidents have taught me that
Nothing Is Predictable and Nothing Can Last Forever.

Love and Light and Peace

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