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Хромосома Христа. Книга четвертая

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Chromosome Christ. Book 4

When our contemporary, a young provincial scientist Orest Skrepnin with a small team of like-minded people develops human cloning technology and grows the first clone without the knowledge by the official scientists, he is unaware that he and his friends have stepped on the path of war between the old order and new technologies rapidly transforming the face of the planet. In Moscow Orest and his friend George are offered perfect conditions for work aiming to find means and ways of increasing life expectancy of government members and those who are close to them. Accidentally they manage to save a royal family offspring from death, and he gives a million dollar- check to each of them as a sign of gratitude to his rescuers. The friends – people who avow rigorous scientific facts – are in an ecstatic disbelief: the use of a cocktail containing the composition of redwood , queen bee and tortoise genes has led to a stunning result: the old man developed even new teeth! Not experiencing financial difficulties and finally having found the road to success, the novel’s characters, however, have a sharp internal protest and dissatisfaction with the fact that they are forced to dedicate their best years to some cave-conscious uniformed ghouls decorated with medals. The new barbaric generation of cold mathematicians and a whole pack of worthless barkers and hypocrites demolish life. Is it possible to stop this decay today? Is perfection attainable?
The friends develop a ” Life- improvement srategy ” based on the DNA architectonic selection. Decoding a human genome convinces them that this is where you need ” to dig a well” to find perfection.
Julia , a producer and creative director, luxuriating in Eastern traditions and passionately striving for perfection ,together with Orest and George formulates The Manifesto of Life Pyramid (computer model of an ideal society) called ”Geometry of excellence”, and captures the stages of its erection with a recorder and cameras.
Meanwhile, Orest, drawn by the idea of cloning the great people , acquires a tiny piece of Lenin’s skin from a Mausoleum worker and animates his cell. This means that the Caesar’s, and Napoleon’s cells can be revived too!
Tormented by an unquenchable thirst for action, the heroes are looking for possibilities of fostering the realization of urgent projects. They already find the frames of their motherland, which is creeping to transformation, too tight for them.

Wit ,a ”man-dollar”, a slyboots-manager of a rare good luck, uses his commercial talent and manages to interest wealthy Americans in the results obtained. Obsessed with the practical side of realizing their ideas, our heroes, leaving everything behind and only taking a cell bank with them, move to the United States, where in a short time after inviting scientists from around the world and using the latest technology, they organize conveyor for growing clones. They manage to collect material (hair, teeth, bone piece, someone’s fingernail, a piece of mummy skin …) for cloning Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Alexander the Great, Caesar and Cleopatra, Leonardo da Vinci and Napoleon … Conveyor seems to be ready, but not all is going well. Maybe it’s all about the specialists? The team, made from the ”world cereals” are unable to solve the problem of cloning. They need an old reliable team!
In Paris Orest manages to find his ex-colleague Anna , who once was hopelessly in love with him, and who was able to ”talk” to cells, feel their soul .Today she is a prosperous dancer in “ Moulin Rouge .” A week spent together (Paris , Monte Carlo , Monaco , the meeting with Prince Albert … ) brings back their mutual passion, and Orest convinces Anya (”We will change the course of history ! ”) to resume her research activities.

Now all the focus is on finding Jura , as he turnes out to be the only one who is capable of feeling cellular fluids and penetrating into a small world of cells and finely controlling their activity. Orest finds him in Jerusalem by his handwriting (using a virtual model of Jury’s psychophysical image). Jura is a killer . He swaped the lens of a microscope for the lens of an optical rifle. In essence, the world’s outcast, burdened with accumulated bitterness and scary scenes of the collapse of the world, he withdrew into his pessimism and grasped the forearm of a rifle to find a way out. This is his revenge for his being rejected by a society, but it is also his bread. The debate about the meaning and purpose of a human life ends in the consent by Jura : ”I will come .”
The friends manage to track down the rest of the old team members!
All are together again! The updated conveyor has been tested in a new environment and has given excellent results. One thing is clear: a gene whose bowels are inexhaustible and that is an indestructible force able to ”cut off all unnecessary,” is a creative cutter today. There is no end to moneybags willing to make themselves geniuses or to clone themselves. Money is inexhaustable, the opportunities – stunning! Having become fabulously wealthy, heroes, at last, embark on their cherished dreams. They develop the principles and the strategy of a new world order based on the technologies of a human being improvement . These principles are the biological component in the construction of a new world, without which neither Marx nor Lenin, or anyone in the world could build a better society.
George , a one- purpose man, a revolutionary rather than a God-seeker , is now well accepted in the Bilderberg government (which , in fact, rules the world ) convinces its core ( Kissinger , Brzezinski , George W. Bush , Nelson Rockefeller , etc.) to provide funding for a worthy project. Fathers of the world respond to it with joy as they see the threat to the existence of not only the world which is mired in disease slavery, famine , wars , drugs , but also to them . Capitalism , which is a breath for the whole world today, will die soon. After all, there is still a spirit of a robber and rapist in every capitalist. This can not last forever. And today’s crisis is the beginning of the end …

To construct a New Atlantis , they select several Indian Ocean islands , develop a fabulous project , invite well-known architects , builders , designers, artists , economists, engineers, ecologists , sociologists … Even the Sultan of Brunei gives his consent to create a cloning lab in his palace . Unknown names of ants – the builders of a new life- are scattered across the fabric of the manuscript like the stars of the eastern sky.
The years pass …
It’s time to choose: Who is to be first? Adam, Noah, Nebuchadnezzar or Akhenaten? Maybe Cleopatra? Or Caesar, or Napoleon? Why not Socrates or Seneca, or St. Paul? And now kids are running along the palmed lanes … Colonies of clones … ”We compressed the history! .. Here’s a clutch of genius and perfection! ”.
And now, only an unbreakeable belief that there is a live connection among the geniuses , tying up centuries and the states, able to give the humanity a new golden age fills in the hearts of the heroes with patient expectation: will perfection come true?
Their expectations are not met: even a genius with a ”clean” genome is just a human being who is not devoid of human’s passions. Frustration is desperate!
George , a man without rules and complexes, a titanic personality (”I will work, even if I hung upside down”), has the audacity to undertake a great renewal of life through cloning Christ. Jesus’s throne irresistibly appeals to him: ”Without Him people can’t be corrected. The God’s genes are required! ”. With an amazing diligence and courtesy the heroes manage to collect material (the blood from the Turin Shroud, spiritual energy of the things from the tomb of Jesus and the Via Dolorosa…) for the cloning of Christ.
The heroes manage to clone Jesus Christ, the genome of whose is the core of Homo Perfectus – the Perfect Man! The thirst has been quenched, George is happy: «Feci quod potui, faciant meliora potentes (I did what I could, he who is able can make even better, lat.).
And after they have managed to clone Christ, they have the methods of Christianization of all mankind by means of genetic engineering in their hands. This means that life will be transformed along with the transformation of a man. Spiritualization of the gene pool of life will make a centuries-old dream of mankind true – The sky will finally fall to the ground!
” Your kingdom come…”.
Now they need methods of ”humanization” of a man.
The aim is to direct the development to a stable creative way of creating life by screening genes (genetic reconstruction) and the choice of human virtuous values.
Again eugenics?
Well, yes !
Francis Fukuyama’s , a modern social engineering guru’s, precondition that the development of science and technology ” defines the horizons of productive capacity of the economy and, therefore very much of the structural features of society ” is the slogan of our future! And there is no, he says, the need to postulate the return of eugenics and genetic engineering at the state level.
Has Perfection been realized?
”Bravo , bravo , guys! The same was in the Beginning of Everything ! ”
But the world is cruel and unforgiving , it does not need a new order. In addition, politicians understand that George and Ores possess the most powerful of all modern weapons – ethnic: selectively affecting the structure of the genome it is possible not only to improve a human nature , but also to take control of everything! This is the key to absolute power !
They feel they are watched and soon even hunted . Well, perfection requires not only a lot of effort , but also a sacrifice.
And evil forces do their routine dirty wor : a man-made tsunami (underwater nuclear explosion ) licks all the islands where they grew the first shoots of perfection away with its deadly tongue.
As a warning to their creators, the cloned Jesus – a man-made god – organizes George’s crucification and his execution is done by the hands of those cloned . George has tried his Crown of Thorns on, and it fits him. Now he has had himself crucified on the rack of life.
Everyone realizes now that the world without George will step down!
Through the entire fabric of the novel Orest is pursued by Tina’s shadow … She comes to him in his dream , then in reality ,she is scattered throughout the canvas of the manuscript like mysterious beads. Who is she ? Whether she is his Muse , or the goddess… Both the heiress of the Pharaohs and the poet by the grace of God , Tina offers mankind a way of salvation – the word ! Indeed “ In the beginning was the Word” ! Her poem is a hymn to perfection! In addition , Tina, ”advanced, carrying special knowledge of the Sumerians and Babylonians in her genome, , initiates and offers ” the Salvation Ark ” that allows mankind blinded by our civilization to cross the border of unknown and learn the secrets of the gods …
The endless string of events and characters , the fireworks of revelations and a fountain of delights … Bright dialogues, incomplete thoughts, open to the reader’ taste and intelligence, hold reader’s attention and arise a genuine interest .
Intrigue ? It is hammered into the text, like a sword

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