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5 Steps to living a Happier and more Enlightened life

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I have published 5 Steps to living a Happier and more Enlightened life with Smashwords.

It is a short book (which I was inspired to write while I am still busy with my second Daily Devotional) and it offers 5 of the main steps I have incorporated into my daily life…

These five steps were inspired from the five precepts that one is taught when you study Reiki Healing. When these five steps are practiced daily, it truly helps make life easier and happier in general. It all boils down to our outlook and the will to choose! Do you choose to be happy or do you choose to be sad? The choice is yours!

We live “quick” lives, we are quick tempered, quick to react in the wrong way, quick to assume things etc… but by living more consciously (being conscious about our thoughts, feelings and emotions; we can be better equipped to decide how we will live our lives and how we will react in certain situations.

I am also guilty of mistakes… I can still “lose my cool”. But by being more conscious of myself, I can quickly change things around… this is what makes all the difference.

So, if you choose to live consciously… go and have a look at this book!

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