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29 Minute Books – Body Language – Read both your enemies and friends

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Just like spoken language, body language can tell you a massive amount about people. Here you will learn about body language and also find out what your body language says about you!


1. What is Body Language?

2. What Does Body Language Include?

3. Humans and Body Language

4. Common Body Language

5. The Pros and Cons of Body Language

6. The Myths About Body Language

7. Mistakes in Reading Body Language

8. Body Language Between Parents and Children

9. The Percentage of Human Communication

10. What Our Head Movements Say About Us

11. What Our Upper Bodies Movements Say About Us

12. What Our Lower Bodies Movements Say About Us

13. What Our Eye Movements Say About Us

14. In Conclusion

What is Body Language?

As human beings, there are so many ways to communicate. Obviously, verbal communication is the most common way to share our thoughts, ideas and emotions. However, body language can tell us just as much as verbal language can. In fact, body language can tell us MORE about others than verbal language can. This is because what a person leaves unsaid is actually being silently screamed though their body language, whether they know it or not, or if they mean to show their thoughts and emotions or not.

Knowing this, learning how to read, understand and interpret body language is a fantastic skill to acquire. Just imagine the doors it could open up for you! Plus, if you know body language fluently, you can tell people that you are multilingual!

What Does Body Language Include?

Body language means a lot more than the way someone is standing, leaning, etc. The number one tip on how someone is feeling or what someone is thinking is facial expressions. This is the top aspect in body language. It can also be seen in someone’s posture, how arms are crossed, how the head leans, how someone walks, etc. Basically, anything someone does that is not done out loud can tell you about them. Sometimes body language gives us much more information than verbal language does….

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About 29 Minute Books 
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