A Rite of Passage

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Having some serious fun and going out with a group of people from the opposite sex is a delight most teenagers want.

Having control of Sydney’s notorious Kings Cross bar and strip area is the golden grail for groups of bikers intent on stamping their form of rule on the area by making retailers pay ‘protection’ money to keep safe.

What if the two worlds of teenagers and armed bikers collide in a bloody battle for supremacy that leaves a group of Girl Guides stuck in a burning building? Who would stand up for the Girl Guides? Would anyone stand up at all?

It all started out fine. One group of bikers does the rounds of shopkeepers at Kings Cross and collects their ‘protection money’ weekly. A second group of bikers want to take over the racket and fill their own coffers with money from their illicit strong arm and bullying tactics. They want to take on the first group of bikers in some way.

What if a third biker group from another State steps in secretly and sets up a fight between the two local biker groups in a winner takes all gamble?

One of the Sydney-based biker groups has a member who works for the National Parks and he locates a small island formerly used by the Australian military to repatriate its soldiers after World War One. The island would be an excellent place to store weapons and become a fortress accessed only a wooden bridge to the mainland or boats.

Police start investigating the murder of one of the local bikers and suddenly they are on the trail of graft and extortion which leads them straight to two biker groups.

This is a time of exploring self-identity for a group of teenage Venturer Scouts as they line up a series of fun activities with some Girl Guides the same age. A number of hilarious mixed activities take place which culminate in a scuba dive for the boys and a beachside exploration by the girls before both come together for a combined picnic.

The problem is the location. It’s the same spot the two local biker groups decide to hold a gun battle and kill whoever they can from their opposition to win control of the lucrative protection racket.

Separately, a group of Rover Scouts in their early to mid-20s help hold a giant sailing regatta in the nearby Botany Bay for the young scouts – boys and girls aged 11 to 15.

Among the Venturers doing the scuba dive is Scott Morrow, the boy who rescued his best mate from a major canyoning accident a little while ago. Scott was instrumental in setting up a national rescue scheme run by Rovers under the authority of the State Police and other rescue services, to help rescue young people who fall foul to misadventure.

The Sydney-based bike groups block off the peninsula where they will hold their gunfight after the Venturers have begun their dive and the Girl Guides have started exploring the surrounding nearby beaches.

A melee begins with the bikers trying to shoot and kill each other in what they think is a blocked off area. When all hell breaks out the Girl Guides run into a café for refuge that has a large gas bottle on the front verandah.

During the firefight, the gas bottle explodes trapping the girls inside the café. The boys complete their dive and realise the girls are in trouble but can’t get to them because of a constant hail of bullets.

The sailing regatta gets cancelled when it’s realised the biker gun brawl could overflow and threaten the safety of scores of children. However, when the Rovers hear Scott Morrow is trapped in the gun fight, Botany Bay sees its biggest ever armada in an attempt to rescue the Venturers.

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