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A Storm Of Dragons

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A Brief Mystery Of Time by Alan Stevens

A Storm Of Dragons, Or A Brief Mystery Of Time “A what?” Jabbered Frank, “a what? Come on, you little wombat, what’s a dragon storm?” “A storm, y’ old git.” Romer groaned, “Crows, and cows, come in herds. Fish swim in flocks, drinks come in rounds, like toast does, an’ that’s an interestin’ one that. Rabbits pop out of holes, and y’ dragons get together in a storm.” What happens when a graduate social worker gets transported through time to pre Roman Celtic Britiain? It’s a strange question to ask, and it began with a strange idea, around writing a story regarding a vet for mythical creatures. That all started with good intentions, then, somehow, the characters just took over. The Celtic myths are full of larger than life characters, and have supplied a lot of inspiration for the story. A Storm Of Dragons is not simply a re hash of the legends. There is no mention of a vet for mythical creatures in Cuchulain’s tale, for example. Should there be? Probably, but that remains a tale untold. I do encourage all those who read, and enjoy my book to delve into Celtic myths, and legends, for themselves, maybe you will find the threads of those I read, enjoyed, pondered on, and, subsequently, murdered. Will there be more? Of course, I laugh out loud sometimes as I write them, and I don’t see any reason to stop laughing. In fact, as Romer might agree, laughter is the only acceptable way to interrupt a story teller.

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