AnnaPolis Summers

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There is no age for this book! If you have ever been bullied or have watched it happen to one whom you love, you “get it!” AnnaPolis Summers touches the heart of everyone, as it transports us back to the glory and pain of middle school!

The story is told with love through sailing. If you are a sailor, you will love the humor and wit about this beloved sport and hobby. Maybe you have dreamed of “sailing away” on a beautiful yacht? Come sail away with the Polis family to the Chesapeake area!

Bullying is wrong and must be stopped. Schools are not always aware of the abuse leveled against innocents. Students hesitate to talk about their problem. They may feel embarrassed. If only they could understand the problem is not theirs; it is the rude person who needs to feel superior. Talking about the situation can provide answers and support. Students should be aware that this problem exists for many. They can rise above it. One way is to band together with a small group. It can be harder to abuse a group than an individual.

No one has the right to make another person’s life unhappy. Many victims of bullying never recover from the darkness and pain.

This tale is of Anna Polis, a wealthy girl who enjoys sailing on the family’s yacht, Honey, each summer to Annapolis. The message is that all types are abused and must face the meanness of others. Anna is able, with the help of classmates, to weather the attacks. She even fulfills earlier dreams of greatness in her school.

It is the next bully who almost destroys the young woman as she studies at Duke University. This foe is determined to end her life and all that she loves. Anna has a force on her side that even the vilest opponent can’t conquer. Again, the young woman gains the love she almost lost.

DON’T LET THEM WIN! You are better.

Relax, understand that you are not alone, as you sail aboard the beautiful Honey to Annapolis with Anna Polis and her family.

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