Apostles Of Sera

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The Itinerant Wanderer

A dark presence spans the four provinces of Sera. Amid the Northern War and Southern Plague, monstrous creatures rule the night. They hail from the shadows and ravage the land, fearing only the precious rays of dawn. These nightmares prey upon as well as taint that which lives.
Ewan seeks one of the shadowy entities in the wilds of his native forest. But he stumbles upon a mysterious female warrior instead. She exhibits extraordinary powers and aids him in his revenge against the nightmare that claimed the life of his brother.
Realizing that there is little left of his previous life, Ewan travels onwards with her after accepting the offer of an unknown Order. Together, they face beings that defy reality and prey upon the mortal world. Though his companion fights against the Darkness, she is openly rejected and feared by those around her. Ewan gradually learns of the terrible burden she carries and how the greatest evils can often lie within.

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