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Build Your Beverage Empire

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Build Your Beverage Empire

Read the book on Beverage Development, Marketing, Sales and Distribution

Packed with information on how to start your beverage company, beverage development, finding distributors, and marketing to consumers.

Are You Ready to Disrupt the Beverage Industry?  This brand new second edition is jam-packed with never before seen marketing techniques to reach retailers, consumers, wholesalers, & distributors.

Yes, you’ll see the blueprint and step-by-step guide on how to develop and sell beverages. You will also discover cutting edge ideas and techniques to disrupt the beverage industry and separate yourself from the competition.

Discover the best-kept secret in beverages: never shown before marketing techniques to reach consumers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers that you can use to completely disrupt the beverage industry.
What are the 10 Beverage Development Steps in Order of importance:

  1. Your beverage idea
  2. Research your target market
  3. Start your retail plan
  4. Develop a distribution model for the retailer
  5. Marketing plan for the distributors
  6. How will you contact consumers?
  7. Know your numbers, or financials
  8. Artwork and branding
  9. Beverage development
  10. Beverage production or co-packing

Did you notice beverage development is number 9 on the list?

Yes, most entrepreneurs that have called me over the last 15 years want to start with number 9. I think this is because they would like to have control over their idea, or their formula. Remember, you can’t patent a formula, and everyone can copy or reproduce your formula. However, they can’t copy or reproduce your business plan. Your value proposition is your business model; it’s the way to sell to distributors, the way you contact consumers, or the branding that you created for your products.


Tackle the most common beverage development and beverage industry topics:

  • ✔ Beverage Development
  • ✔ Beverage Marketing
  • ✔ Beverage Distribution
  • ✔ Beverage Formulation
  • ✔ Beverage Packaging
  • ✔ Beverage Sales
  • ✔ Beverage Distribution

The first edition of the beverage industry book became and stayed as a best seller for 300 weeks. It was written for new beverage industry entrepreneurs in mind. However, it was quickly adopted by the entire beverage industry as the standard for innovation, marketing, beverage development, sales and distribution. The book quickly became required reading in large beverage companies and used in universities for graduate and undergraduate programs.

What’s New In The Second Edition of the Beverage Development Book?

  • How to use Social Media to Grow Your Beverage
  • Start with Direct Marketing – Even Before Production
  • Growth Hacks, Short-Cuts and Money Saving Strategies
  • How to Compete With the Big Boys – And Stay Under the Radar

The second edition of the book is still aimed at new beverage industry entrepreneurs; however it also incorporates new and innovative branding and beverage marketing strategies that even the most veteran beverage executives will appreciate.


Three Major Parts to a Beverage Empire:

  1. Part One goes over the beverage industry and gives you the CEO overview so you can quickly cut your learning curve ……..Page 23
  2. Part Two is a step-by-step guide on beverage development including formulation and production ……………………….…….Page 95
  3. Part Three is dedicated to marketing, sales and distribution to distributors, retailers and consumers …………………………… Page 149


The book focuses on beverage development and growth of beverage companies. You’ll discover all the standards companies like Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Red-Bull and other companies follow for their beverage sales and distribution as well as new never seen strategies that allow the new beverage comer to compete in the marketplace filled with Fortune companies.


Some of the strategies you’ll learn from the beverage development book are:

  • Beverage development on a bootstrap budget
  • The “real cost” of beverage development and production
  • The top mistakes made by new beverage entrepreneurs that cost them over $200,000 – and how to avoid them
  • Don’t compete with the big boys on their turf. How to disrupt the beverage industry with new beverage marketing strategies.
  • Why beverage distributors will not return your call and how to grow without them

About the Author of this Beverage Development Book:

Jorge S. Olson is a Beverage Industry expert and serial entrepreneur. He’s developed more than 1,000 consumer packaged goods and worked closely with over 100 beverage entrepreneurs. More than 50,000 FMCG executives subscribe to his newsletter and he manages a 40,000 LinkedIn Group on FMCG and the beverage industry.

Learn to develop and sell your beverages including functional beverages, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages like energy drinks, soda, tea, water, vodka, tequila beer or any other type of beverage. A step by step guide teaching you how to develop and brand your beverage, reach your perfect target market and sell it using wholesalers, distributors, convenience stores and supermarkets. Discover every single beverage sales and distribution channel and how to penetrate it with your beverages.

While reading the book you will prepare spectacular distributor programs to support all type of accounts, get see through in stores and have customers for life. This book is a must read for anyone in the beverage industry from executives to sales people, marketing managers, brand managers, merchandisers as well as production specialists. After finishing the book you will be an expert in every segment of the beverage business; from developing a brand in the drawing board to reaching your target market correctly, writing your business plan and executing it with sales and distribution. Learn from the authors, Carlos Lopez and Jorge Olson, founders of Liquid Brands Management, Inc. and the national experts in beverage branding, sales and marketing.

Jorge Olson has developed over 1,000 FMCG. He has been a distributor, wholesaler, broker, merchandiser, beverage brand owner, and now, a mentor helping entrepreneurs with their beverage development. His book Build Your Beverage Empire is now on a second edition, and Jorge has ten other books. He’s now developing online and audio courses on FMCG, sales and distribution, beverage development, selling to convenience stores, and others, under the new name Wholesale MBA.

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