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I am so glad that I stumbled across this book. I have been on such a dark smut kick that it was time for some humor and ‘Big Girl Panties‘ by SJ Sawyer delivers that in spades.

In ‘Big Girl Panties’ we meet tons of characters that are not only funny but endearing such as Scarlett (aka Red), Mason and Mary Lou. I swear to you, Mary Lou almost steals the show she is so funny. And at the same time, if I could in any way shape or form write a book, I would want to write it in just the way that Ms. Sawyer does. I love it, it’s hilarious but keeps the goal and the plot moving along!

~I just sit behind a computer and write  blogs about other people’s stuff! lol Seriously, I do: The name of the blog was through a dare from a close friend. And they didn’t think I’d do it!

So back to the story, we find out our little Red riding hood is having a extremely bad day…well, two weeks of bad days after the horrible day that was supposed to be the happiest of her life. How did it end up as such a horrible day you ask? Well, when you find your soon to be hubby having s.e.x. with one of your bridesmaids in the church bathroom on your wedding day, you might just go a bit off the deep end too. And oh boy does she ever. This in turn sends Red spiraling out of control and into a deep depression. Thankfully her best friend Mary Lou comes to save the day by forcing her out of the house by A) making her take a shower (she stinks!) and b) to finally start moving on with her life.

How does one start to move on from such a disaster? Geez you are question happy today!! lol

They start by having their best friend force their way into your room and push you like your a$$ should be pushed because, like Ms. Sawyer basically relates, it sucks big donkey d**** that it happened to you but it’s not the end of the world and you are better off learning it now than later.

So of course, on Red’s first outing to a party who do you think she sees…yes, Mr. Ex and he is the biggest prick you will ever meet. He then delivers a line so cruel that I still think about it driving down the road from time to time, it’s that bad. It makes you think. “Do my exes think of me that way? That is horrible!” But never fear, the hottest of hot men (Mason) walks up just in time to hear the vile spew that has come out of Mr. Ex’s mouth and he jumps immediately into action. Not because Red can’t handle it herself but sometimes a man just needs to be punched the fvck out! ~And Red already did that once on their wedding day so it’s time to share the “punch the d!ck” love.

As you can imagine, Mason and Red then start to spend more and more time with each other and they are amazed at some of the things that they find out. The story deals with the present situations but also take a time lapse back to their childhood as well. As the story progresses things stay funny (many times authors lose that wit but it has been kept to a fantastic degree) but they also get serious while skeletons start to come out of the closet. The smut is light but there are some juicy parts in there to keep you coming back for more!

Bit of a spoiler alert, my heart was broken for the characters during this book and you do need to read on to book two in the series called ‘Hide Your Crazy’ (awesome title) in order to see the conclusion. Ms. Sawyer has done such a great job with this book that I only wish I could write like her. ~Definitely a must read.

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