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Briefing; A “State of Readiness”

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It’s taken a long time—but the time has finally come.  The release of my book, “State of Readiness”, has arrived! My project officially started almost two and a half years ago.  That was the day I formally sat down and decided to write a book.  But it’s beginning can be traced to an article I wrote in 2012 entitled, “The Operational Excellence Manifesto”.  It was one of the more significant articles I had written and was the result of a considerable amount of listening, learning, and experiencing…

It was not an easy project.  I learned and discovered as much (if not more) while writing it as I did leading to by deciding to write it.  And my substantive editor took me to task.  When I hired him he told me that he understood that I wanted to get a message out there, but it was his job to make sure people wanted to read it.  I am pleased with the final results.

And, more importantly, leaders of companies—and across industries and geographies—concur (you can read some of their thoughts at the books website www.state-of-readiness.com).

In honor of the recent publication of my book then, this article serves as a briefing that explains why being in a State of Readiness (on the journey in the ongoing pursuit of Operational Excellence) is important – reasons having to do with the peril that companies face if they are not in a “state of readiness”— having the capacity and capability horizontally across the business smokestacks of the enterprise or vertically through the corporate hierarchy—to realize the innovation and cope with the disruption…

It also reveals who might be interested in – and benefit from – reading this book: Whether you are an execute of a company or in operations or part of continuous improvement efforts within your organization and feel you are not getting the proper attention and support from the executive leadership…

Furthermore, it also features a redux version of The Operational Excellence Manifesto, that includes a definition of operational excellence that I have developed for your consideration:

“Operational Excellence is a state of readiness attained as the efforts throughout the enterprise reach a state of alignment for pursuing its strategies—where the corporate culture is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance and the circumstances of those who work there—and is a precursor to becoming a high-performance organization.”

Becoming a high-performance organization is the ultimate goal—a business that is best in its class and is more innovative and successful than its competitors in areas such as strategy development and execution.  It should be an efficient and effective organization with clear roles and accountability, delivering superior customer service and maintaining the best vendor relationships, utilizing and maintaining its assets so they reliably produce more, and consistently and sustainably generating more profits.

This definition, applied throughout an organization and its value chain—from its vendor’s vendor to its customer’s customer—is the manifesto of operational excellence and, if pursued with vigilance, will result in your company becoming a high-performance organization.

Read more to understand why pursuing operational excellence is a never-ending race without a finish line…

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