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Colin Griffiths Doll’s House Book Review

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By Angela Gascoigne


Everyone knows a kid like May: spoilt, obnoxious… The possibilities are endless!

But, with the purchase of an ancient and albeit unsightly gift for her ninth birthday, a whole new May evolves. Under the spell of her favourite toy, the girl’s parents are delighted with their daughter’s new mature and caring attitude. The troubled child takes comfort in her precious doll’s house and the sweet little porcelain figures inside.

May can’t help wondering though; was it just a trick of the light, or is life going on behind the door of the doll’s house long after its owner has gone to sleep? It isn’t long before the truth is revealed and the family find out there’s more than innocent child’s play involved.

What price will May and her family pay for inviting the doll’s house and all of its dark secrets into their home?

The author’s imagination knows no bounds.  Colin Griffiths has developed a nightmare-inducing story with characters straight from the bowels of Hell. As the story unfolds we are transported back to a history of witchcraft and violence carried into the modern day. Could it be that May is the only person who can break the spell?

This story is scary, entertaining and full of surprises.

If you’re looking for a scare at bedtime, I can highly recommend Doll’s House!

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