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Publisher: Solstice Publishing Wyoming Territory, 1886. Ethan Darny and his young cousin Ben Tyler are eking out a marginal existence as ranch hands when they find themselves involved in a violent bank hold-up. The robbery goes very wrong and two of the casualties are the town sheriff and deputy. Wounded and frightened, Ethan, Ben and Will Sully start off for the lawless town of Corryville to escape capture and to formulate a plan for their unsure futures. But their flight is marred by more violence. Struggling with conscience and once again unnerved by sudden misfortune, they arrive in Corryville seeking medical attention, shelter and sustenance. They soon find themselves drawn into the deceitful, dangerous world of vicious saloon owner Mike Kenney, who plans his own criminal agenda for them. Moses White and Wade Loveless, two of the toughest and most determined U.S. Marshals, pursue them across the Wyoming territory and are nearing Corryville. They’re accompanied by Deputy Jim Cade, who left his wife and young daughter to catch the men who killed his friends. When he meets up with the outlaws, he may blur the fine line between justice and vengeance… Corryville is about to suffer a great deal of bloodshed as the showdown draws inexorably closer.


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