Dark Sanctuary

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It is a time when the Second Amendment no longer exists, and the citizens are required by law to turn in their arms. A group of men in Appalachia decide to fight back. ‘Dark Sanctuary,” is a tale of common men taking a stand against a rogue government. Banding together, these former coal miners, and their families won’t head for the hills. Instead, they choose the belly of a deep coalmine for their base of operations.

Martin Eberts is sent to; Clear Creek, Pennsylvania to lead his team of agents to round up anyone refusing to comply with the newly formed “National Firearms Procurement Division.” The NFPD is a ruthless bunch using surveillance, subterfuge, and force to accomplish their mission. When the men of Clear Creek vote to take a stand, Ebert’s and his team have their work cut out.

Best friends, Tim Monarch, and Ron Truitt are pitted against each other and when Tim joins the military, he is assigned to the NFPD, and Ebert’s team. Soon, their paths will cross in a life and death battle. Will this band of brothers be able to persuade a nation and a newly elected President to amend the Constitution to its original form,or will a divided nation be able to survive? Chilling and exciting read.

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