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Waves of the Tide Book I

From their origins in a barren realm, shadow-waves of the Tide have writhed through the cracks of reality into the human world. Hungering for their emotions and the psychic energies of the mind, these waves prey upon the wills of the strong, and the desperations of the weak. The novella “Parasite” opens this volume, in which Roam, one of the First Four shadow-waves, wanders into the presence of a human woman whose power ignites his hunger, even as it repels him for the damage he might cause her. The woman, Rachel, struggles with her own fate while also struggling with her attraction to this stranger, for the pain she might bring him. The tales which follow offer additional perspectives on the Tide, from the humans who fall under their influence, to that of its most prominent descendants. Driven by ancient motivations and events mythological, the waves approach a crest in modern times for which few can predict the effects, let alone might endure the outcome.

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