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BOOK INTRODUCTION Fighting Global Tyranny asks who controls the global empire and the role women must play in fighting this tyranny . To change a system, one must understand how it works. This book explains how the system is set up and how it operates and controls almost all aspects of our lives. It examines its origins and evolution: historically, politically, philosophically, financially, and, most important, who’s pulling the strings. This exposé is not for the fainthearted. It will challenge most people’s deeply held beliefs of how the world works. It is meant to be shocking. The purpose of this book is to awaken, inspire, and motivate more men and women to find solutions to the problems facing us wherever they live, whatever their religious or political worldview. Women, in particular, have a major role to play in this battle. The value systems of our institutions are inequitable: they operate strictly on masculine values, and the results are disastrous for both human beings and the environment. Women’s feminine values have been generally sidelined. Our institutions must evolve to include values of equity, fairness, and justice also. This evolution is beginning to take place now as women are reaching a critical mass in most institutions. This book challenges these women to acknowledge their feminine values and to persist in articulating them. To have balance and equilibrium, feminine and masculine values must be equally considered. Today, men and women around the globe are engaged in social activitism touching millions of lives. Their stories are seldom told. Yet they are today’s heroes and heroines. This book examines many of their stories. “A provocative interpretation of history and assessment of world-wide oligarchy today, Fighting Global Tyranny will present you with facts and figures that you will find hard to refute. Francesca de Bardin challenges women to understand that world and to step up to the task of shaping the future in a more humane way. She doesn’t leave us in a utopian no-[wo]man’s land as so many books do; instead she provides a rich array of inspiring role models in all fields of endeavor that will leave you with a renewed hope for what is possible.” Carol R. Frenier, Author of Business and the Feminine Principle: The Untapped Resource (Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997)

Fighting Global Tyranny – Book Reviews

“Francesca de Bardin has performed the laborious task of revisiting the real foundations of western civilization. “Fighting Global Tyranny -Where Are the Women?”, is a systematic and scholarly work that reveals key origins of today’s crises. The revelation her work offers, if properly acknowledged, should lead to an edict from the people, who have been so disenfranchised in our world today. Her journey into the moral, idealistic, maternal, and paternal nature of our civilization, should be an inspiration to try and solve age old problems.”

Phillip A. Butler, journalist, geo-political analyst

” This is a great historical analysis of the plight of women. It captures the essence of the important social and historical issues that women have encountered. Francesca de Bardin does a terrific job of interpreting how history has affected women. She inspires them to step up and play an important role in the challenges that are ahead. An important and great read.”

Adrienne Oberndorfer

“This book is not a fireside read! The writer is not afraid to say how it is. Her writing is outspoken and provocative, her arguments however, are sound, well researched and stand up to the literacy and the business communities. Her call for true empowerment for women is loud and very, very clear. I found this book stimulating and inspiring. A must read.”   Shoshamma Howard

“Well-researched and clearly written, Ms. DeBardin’s book should be required reading for anyone who is interested in making a change in the way the world “operates”. She gives specific information on how the world got to where it is today, both politically and economically, with clear examples of what we can do to help remedy the situation.

Especially revealing is the chapter on Niccolo Machiavelli and “The Prince”, since most people do not know that this pamphlet was meant to be a satire and not a “bible” for those seeking to manipulate and dominate others.

Kudos to the author for a job very well done. ”  Lois Kahle

“A most timely publication as we now witness a woman in a close contest to lead the empire. Will it result in ending the tyranny?

Bold in its clearly delivered assertions with well presented historical links, I hope that Ms de Bardin will continue to build on her discourse and project the subject beyond the current theatre of global tyrannies. An inspiring read. ” Dock

“This is a very informative and well written book. I plan to re-read it to pick up points I may have missed in my first reading Ms. de Bardin has researched her material in depth, and holds the reader’s attention throughout. It does not disappoint.”  Sherri C

“A very well documented book that helps you understand how the world’s “elite” has created a global network that controls our life. Financially and politically.

Francesca de Bardin challenges women to take action and balance the future in a more Humane way. Very inspiring.”  Tania Chamlian

“An excellent thoughtful book elaborating on the injustices of western societies toward the developing world. The book urges women, in particular, to do their part in bringing about fair play for the future. Ms. de Bardin’s book is sometimes shocking and highly researched.”

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