Finding Thomas

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Kit Green is your average teenager living at home with his parents until he had an accident, went to hospital and died on the operating table.

Surgeons revived Kit and when he came out of the anaesthetic he admonished the lead surgeon for wanting to call Kit’s death early so he could play golf. So began Kit’s journey after visiting the afterlife and returning to complete some work.

No longer is he worried about death – he’s seen what’s on the other side and lived to tell the tale.

Kit’s father Daniel s a Public Affairs consultant who works for an Opposition Member of Parliament Terry Sullivan, whose party is jockeying to take power at the next election. The Government has been in power for 16 years and is tired and running out of steam.

Sullivan must draw up a list of viable people to head the various State Government departments if and when his party takes power. His son David died a decade earlier in a car accident and both Sullivan and his wife Betty have never gotten over it.

Kit begins to experience a number of feelings he has never had before. For instance, he smells the coal burning in a fireplace and has dreams of being in the United Kingdom in the 1700s. When he has to do a history essay his teacher is surprised at the detail the teenager can put into his work of life on the streets of old London.

Eventually Kit realises why he has throwbacks to another time and is grateful.

Sullivan decides he must work on who will be the State’s next Police Commissioner. Should he keep Radcliff or dump him in favour of a younger person? The problem is easily solved as Radcliff has come under suspicion for a number of unproved crimes.

The problem is: Radcliff is watching what is going on through his friends and finds out he is to be dumped. This sets in motion a path to destruction for someone – but who?

A barbecue is held at Sullivan’s high security home that has cameras viewing the politician’s premises from a raft of angles and recording the action 24 hours a day.

Kit and his family go along to the barbecue and the teenager makes an interesting discovery. He is sensitive to electrical power, especially infrared beams since his operation and brush with death.

This sensitivity is a left over from having died and returned to life and usually affects most people who have had near death experiences. The difference is, Kit has to learn quickly how to harness his new power and use it for good.

Daniel Green feels the bullyboy tentacles of Radcliff when he is pulled over and searched on the street escarpment by two Police during peak hour. This serves to stiffen his resolve to find out who is behind the Police tactics.

Kit meets up with a Medium who teaches him to meditate and communicate with the spirits of people who have died. He finds he can visualise and talk to spirits because he was once like them – albeit for a short time in the operating theatre.

Kit finds he must team up with the spirit of the dead son of Terry Sullivan to stop both their fathers being murdered by Radcliff.

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