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A kind word or comment would be quite helpful, and I do hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as I do to be able to share it with you. What follows is from the Preface of my book.

               It is a great source of joy to be able to see a goal

achieved. I have wrestled with this body of work

for years… just like Jacob wrestling with the angel.

There were days I felt like giving up… that I couldn’t

and shouldn’t complete this particular undertaking…

and the spirit within me would not let it rest. I’m glad

my hands were guided to face what my lips promised

God years earlier… this would be my first fruits, as

a poet, dedicated to Him.

Ihope you’ll find inspiration in these writings and

read with an open mind… reflecting on the altruism’s

of the spirit… intrinsic to each and every one of us.

It is my version of a cornucopia… a paletteof many

colors and flavors to sample, providing the feast from

two fish and a loaf of bread… comfort in a time peace

can feel so elusive and yet desperately needed. I would

like to thank everyone for their input and patience.

I thank you… from the heart,

Russell D. Holder

Via con Dios

and this one from within… see below.

       “a mustard seed”

I’ll give up not my morning,

I’ll surrender not my day,

I’ll relinquish not an evening

for what mankind will say,

I’ll retreat not by an inch,

I’ll forfeit not a mile,

I’ll withdraw not a single step

and strive to wear a smile,

I’ll take back not an oath,

I’ll revoke not on a promise,

I’ll reverse not on the word

when people act dishonest,

I’ll yield not to prattle,

I’ll concede not for some lies,

I’ll lose not due to gossip

or truth that’s in their eyes,

I’ll retire not in darkness,

I’ll fall not down in doubt,

I’ll sow not indecision

so man can run about,

I’ll return not any jealousy,

I’ll respond not free with greed,

I’ll forgive not myself if I don’t

plant a mustard seed.

This is a guest comment from a friend in Scotland, see below…

               “Russell’s writing has a vibrant immediacy that truly

  captures the reader’s imagination coupled with the

unique ability to activate the reader’s own thinking

processes to stimulate theory, outlook and idea.

He has the true talent of all great artists to paint

pictures in your head as he deftly uses words like

brushes to cover the canvas of his ideas and beliefs.”

Jenifer Whyte

I was waiting for a guest comment… to come from a

dear friend of mine in Scotland. As soon as I got the

comment above, I was deeply humbled by her graciously

kind words… as I respect her as one of my peers, being

a poetess, as well as a darn fine photographer… taking

most of her shots from around the Isle on which she lives.

She reminds me of “a Scottish Ansel Adams.” See if you

don’t agree with me! You can find her work on red bubble

(www.redbubble.com)… just enter her name, on the top

right, once you get to the Home page for the website…

Jenifer Whyte. By the way, you can find me there also,

that is how I met my dear friend… whom I owe a deep

debt of gratitude to for her kindness shown. Thank

you, Jen!

Russell D. Holder

You can find this free ebook at this link or here… at your convenience.


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