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My, my, my what fantastically smutty reading material do we have here? Ms. Ainsley Booth, you had me at ‘Hate F*@K‘!

I saw this book on my Kindle for about a week before I broke down and bought it…Lord that man’s eyes on the cover of the book just look like they want to DEVOUR you and you would love every f’en minute of it. It’s an, “I’ll have what she’s having” type of moment. I fought the temptation, I really did but I swear it was haunting me in my dreams to the point that I would either go nuts or put myself out of my misery by just reading it. And boy was it sweet sweet misery!

Not only was the writing superb but the smut…oh the smut was off the charts and day dreamily good! I’d rank it a 9 out of 10 for smutty content because while it’s no BDSM type book it’s sure as hell can get your Kindle screen to fog up! What makes me a expert at smut? I’ve got a whole website dedicated to it called GetYourSmutOn…I sh!t you not. It’s my jam, Sam.

But I digress.

In ‘Hate F*@k’ we meet Hailey and Cole who have so much sexual tension going on between them that you can cut it with a condom wrapper. Have you ever had that type of a relationship with someone? I hope that we can all share in that feeling because you can almost feel that out of body experience that Ms. Booth puts her characters in while they are going through it.

At the same time that Hailey and Cole are cutting their sexual tension with butter knives, they are also behaving like 12 year old children who don’t want the other to know that they have the hots for them. You know how they do that? By the proverbial ‘pulling of her hair’ or ‘calling her names’ – it’s the age old trick. If a man/boy makes fun of you in middle school its either because he’s just a rude a$$ or because he really likes you. In this case, he really likes her.

But it’s not all about smut and games in ‘Hate F*@k’ it’s also about a fantastic story plot wrapped up in a novella. Ahh my favorite. ~Listen people, I’m a married, working Mom with two kids, novellas hit the spot with me! Who wants to spend 3 weeks reading a drawn out story? Because if you pick the right writers, you get all the good stuff in a great story line and plot development in a novella. This is exactly what Ms. Booth has done with the ‘Hate F*@k’ series and I LOVED it! (I mentally sang that last part of the sentence!)

So where were we, oh yes, ‘it’s not all smut and games’, really it’s not. Hailey finds herself knee deep in some very serious situations revolving not only her family but also knee deep in situations with Cole who at first glance is a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of guy. But is he really? Do his past secrets mean that he must reveal all secrets to truly be that guy? I don’t think so because the past is what makes us, not what defines us. In Cole’s case, he is trying ever so hard to make it to where he can rise above his past and move forward.

While Cole battles who he is versus who he wants to be, Hailey wages a battle of her own to figure out how she can support her family but not become a doormat to them. She also struggles with trust issues on Cole’s side because of his inability to share many things that happen in his so called life. I call it ‘so called’ because at the end of the day he begins to figure out that he is not really living and actions must be taken (whether he subconsciously wants them to happen or consciously doesn’t want them to) to change this fact.

How did I get back on Cole? That was supposed to be a Hailey paragraph!

HAILEY finds herself not only backing down a bit in her fervent stance to do everything herself but she also takes that fateful step to trust Cole just a bit, for one night.

And yep, you guessed it…all hell breaks lose.

How you say? Check out ‘Hate F*@k Book Two‘ to find out! ~I’ve already read it, and that one too is pretty f’en fantastic!

This post first appeared on my blog: GetYourSmutOn.com

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