Hook Up a Lazy Sunday Read

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Hook up with this book is about alternative lifestyles, but not quiet what you think, a well written book that flips through your fingers. I enjoyed this book and it went down beautifully with a glass of win or two, and yes dare I say Chocolate! after all what are Sundays for, if not for escapism. well this book has that and more its hard not to give any spoilers so i am going to say just read it. After all you might be missing out

About the book

“Reject prejudice. Embrace Honesty. Celebrate Freedom.

Hook up is a ground-breaking novel which challenges stereotypical ideas about love and relationships, gender identity and sexuality. This is a novel which celebrates life in all its diversity, promoting the idea that everyone should be allowed to be free to express their own desires — as long as they are not hurting others.

Join Macy and Tobias as they explore modern relationships, struggling against prejudice and outdated morals in their search for love. Macy is a mature and voluptuous woman in her fifties, whereas Tobias is a young architect who harbours secret desires and fantasies. Their paths cross on an online dating website where Macy encourages and nurtures Tobias’ self-discovery. She also gets a few surprises about herself and her life-long friend Emma.”

what the readers are saying

Format: Paperback

This book is usually the type of book i avoid. However upon starting reading i could not put it down. Unlike other books in the similar genres, this book has an underline message of love and acceptance in the modern world. The saucy parts are well written and believable, and there is no question about consent lingering. To put it simply, this tale is about discovering who you are and being accepted for being that person. This book may just open your eyes to some things and hopefully will make you go out and live, laugh and love too.”

Format: Paperback

I don’t normally read erotic books but really enjoyed Hook Up.Great characters and writen in a down to earth kinda way.Only negative comment is I wish the book was longer but I would definitely recommend it.I’ll look forward to the sequel.”
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