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Jesus…Author Of My Life 2nd Edition

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Hope For Terminal Illness

Jesus…Author of My life 2nd Edition is a healing, cleansing and life protecting book that is the first divine healing book to be read by any reader who seeks to understand and to learn all about God Almighty as in God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and find complete healing through knowledge and understanding that will help you to give yourself to God in truthfulness and completeness. It enables you to live your life in purity and true heartedness through goodness and holiness imparted to you from the Holy Spirit of the Sovereign God. This is the beginning of a new life that knows God Almighty in his righteousness according to his teaching and impartation. This book is for emergency physical healing of terminal illness, rare and incurable diseases. It brings mental healing to the troubled soul… It helps you to combat and overcome spiritual warfare. As you read on; It touches the nervous system and goes deeper with healing and divine impartation from God himself…it touches your inmost being to the gut…to the core of existence of humanity with true and powerful undeniable healing. It is your comfort in times of emergency and desperate situations. It touches your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a strong miracle working healing book and a blessing to people in this world. It is a healing book that you will always reach out for in order to be freed from fear of death, uncertainty and all kinds of strongholds because God is bigger than everything…This healing book helps you to be able to speak your heart out to God and hear him speak back to you in favour and comfort through good deeds as he answers your prayers and handle every problem that you are facing. Read and experience the healing touch and presence of the Holy Spirit touching you from the top of your head all the way to the soles of your feet, and be freed from strongholds and all darkness in your life. Your life is changed spiritually, emotionally, socially, economically and politically. This book is living and active. Every time you open it…it feels new…you discover new meanings and understanding…it touches different levels of life as you grow in it and with it…It awakens your soul and it has the right answers for your life…It does not die. It has healing from the power of God Almighty….Salvation of the soul is based on living a Holy Spirit filled life. It will help you to encounter God Almighty in whatever place and situation you find yourself in…. You overcome that stronghold of spiritual warfare. There is complete healing for you in this powerful and anointed healing book.
This 2nd edition book; Jesus…Author of My Life: Hope For Terminal Illness is full of healing from the power of God Almighty. It is full of true revelations of the Holy Spirit. Read and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Know his facets, know his voice, know and understand his purpose for your life. Read and understand the symbols of the Holy Spirit. Be able to combat spiritual warfare at any point of your life. Read and be alert of the intrusion of the devil, Lucifer, the father of all lies and misleading and overcome him with the true knowledge of God Almighty you have. Overcome terminal illness and all life struggles. This book is full of impartation of the Holy Spirit to human life… Know the purpose of the wounds of Christ…This is a very deep, Holy and Sacred Book of healing and salvation in the life of every person on earth and eternity.

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