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Just A Drop in the Ocean

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Book Review by Angela Gaiscogne of Just a Drop in The Ocean by Grant Leishman

A childhood friendship, nurtured by pen and paper and carried over land and sea, develops into so much more as Teresa and Nick grow into teenagers. They both long for the day they will finally meet, and take their relationship to the next level.

One day, out of nowhere, their only means of communication is severed and neither knows the reason why.

As the years pass life deals out some cruel blows. Both Nick and Teresa make some terrible life choices, but despite all they are going through, one thing they share, is a desire to find each other again.

This beautiful love story had me on a knife edge throughout as I wondered what route their lives would take next.

Although I wanted to give these two characters a good shake on numerous occasions throughout the story, I bonded with them both immediately and empathised with them, rooting for the happy ending I so wanted them to find. But did they get that happy ending? That kind of information I cannot divulge! So there’s only one way to find out… Read Just a Drop in The Ocean, yet another fantastic read by Grant Leishman!

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