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Karmasutra Cracking the Karmic Code

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Cracking the Karmic Code

The greatest asset of India is neither the Taj Mahal nor the buzzing Metropolis of Mumbai. It’s greatest asset for tens of thousands of years has been it’s philosophy and spirituality. People who visit this country or people who live here, hardly take advantage of this wealth and benefit from it.
Karma Sutra is such an asset based on the Indian Doctrine of Karma. It explains the causes and effects of Karmic destiny and the Karmic laws that govern us. It defines the Profit & Loss angle of our Karmic assets and liabilities. It shows the readers how to build greater Karmic Wealth for themselves, for their ancestors and for their future generations. In the final analysis, Karma Sutra is a tool to use to carve a better future. It teaches you how to will your wealth to your next life and how to ensure a better life after death by earning A.D.D.’s (After Death Dollars).
Please invest a few hours to gain a few years.

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