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Without Magical Thinking

Authored by Brian Wilkes 

Preface by Dr. Guldal Caba
Introduction by Dr. Steve G. Jones 

This invaluable resource is full of explanations, the answers to any questions you have regarding the truth behind Law of Attraction. It’s not just another book on manifesting your desires like magic. The words contained within are beyond what is typically discussed, even by fully trained Law of Attraction advocates.

This book will completely change your view of the “new age” thinking behind the Law of Attraction and give you a clear understanding of what it really means to create positive changes in your life. Whether it be for wealth, happiness, career, love, or health, you will realize the unmistakable truth, the secret if you will, to the mystery of getting what you want.

Every mind is creating reality at this very moment. But it’s not some “magical” force from a fairy tale world that is the reason behind how this happens. It is backed up by scientific evidence and cold hard facts. You will also discover the link between hypnosis, meditation, and other paradigms of the Law of Attraction in action, and how our reality is affected.

Possibly one of the biggest secrets unveiled in this book is the fact that things are not attracted to you. In fact, it is you who are attracted to things. This book brings awareness of the “blame the victim” mentality that so many Law of Attraction advocates believe in. People do NOT bring on everything that happens in their lives, and it’s time that a book about the Law of Attraction admits that. This one does, and provides an in-depth explanation of exactly what flawed reasoning brought that kind of thinking in the first place.

Some Law of Attraction newbies or otherwise misinformed people with good intentions will tell you that your thinking is magical, and that this magical thinking will somehow create your future. But the reality is that there is no magical thought that will bring the things you desire into your life without first speaking these thoughts directly to your subconscious, where they can penetrate a level of awareness to which you don’t normally consciously have access. This in turn will bring you conscious clarity to pursue your dreams and make them happen.

This new way of using the Law of Attraction is called the Wilkes Method, the brainchild of mental sciences expert, Brian Wilkes. His “quantum unicorn-free” approach is both refreshing, and completely revolutionary. It is matter-of-fact and straight to the point.

Find out why so many people fail to bring their dreams to reality using traditional methods. You’ll discover what you can do to make it work for you no matter what you have been doing in the past. Wilkes outlines reasons why LOA has not worked for you yet, and describes in remarkable detail what you can do to turn things around and get your positive energy flowing, which in turn opens the doors of opportunity and practically shoves you through them.

Powerful thinking is only the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. All of the positive thinking and intention setting in the world is not going to make anything happen if you don’t use what you have in the physical to bring those thoughts and intentions to reality.

When you think something is too good to be true, it probably is. That is the case when it comes to some of the bogus claims about the Law of Attraction. Yes, it does work in a dynamic and even mind boggling way, but that doesn’t make it magic. Find out the real reasons why tapping into your mind and retraining your subconscious is the true secret to unlocking everything you desire.

If you have been a skeptic about the Law of Attraction, you’re in for a dose of reality. There are no ridiculous claims, unbelievable stories, or tricks behind this book. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

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Nov 12 2013

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US Trade Paper

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