Mu-Ha-mmad Mut-Ha-Maat

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In this brief hard-hitting book you will find out information that has been covered up and deliberately kept from the people for thousands of years. For example, Muhammad and Islam didn’t start in the Middle East it started in East Africa, in the Ancient Egyptian city called Thebes, known locally as Waset. Commune-ism and Nazi Socialism with the Christian Swastika Cross didn’t start in Russia, Germany or Europe it started in Thebes/Waset in Ancient Egypt home of the Was Scepter. Most people think the origin of Jesus was in Jerusalem and Bethlehem but it actually started in Thebes/Waset along with Muhammad. You will be amazed to find out that all of this evil being perpetrated on the world started in East Africa, Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago by all of those people claiming to be victims and oppressed when it was their ancestors who were the victimizers and oppressors. It doesn’t stop there because the brutal Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire didn’t start in Europe but goes directly back to East Africa as well. By the time you are done reading this book you will know the truth about the past.

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