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One Shot too Many

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Appalachian Adventure Mystery

CSI wannabe Jemma Chase is back for another thrilling adventure in the latest addition to the Appalachian Adventure Mystery series. Jemma’s hosting a meeting of the local photography club when newspaper photographer Scott Barker convulses and dies. Jemma calls her boyfriend, Detective Tucker with the Watauga County Sheriff’s Department, to the scene. Knowing Jemma’s propensity to engage in amateur sleuthing, Tucker warns her to quell any desire to help investigate. Jemma’s life is pretty busy as trail-leader, photographer and carpenter for her parents’ dude ranch, yet she keeps her ears open for any information she can pass on to Tucker. Once poisoning is confirmed, Tucker and his partner begin to focus on the members of the photography group and it seems everyone has a secret that could possibly lead to murder if revealed. When a past love steps back into Tucker’s life, he tries not to let this distract him from his case or his feelings for Jemma. Maggie Bishop excels at pulling her reader into the moment with vivid, colorful descriptions of locale and fauna. Jemma Chase is an appealing character, a strong young woman who matures more with each book. Her life as trail-leader for the dude ranch is an intriguing concept and Bishop’s description of daily activities at the ranch is interesting and fun. With great skill, Bishop delivers subtle clues as to the murderer, providing her readers with a challenging mystery. Christy Tillery French, Midwest Book Review schuyler kaufman, Carolina Mountain Life I just finished reading One Shot Too Many, and I think it’s definitely Maggie’s best-structured and most subtle mystery yet. Her pool of suspects is nicely populated with half-a-dozen complex characters, all with frustratingly decent personalities, only the vaguest of apparent motives, and some nifty secrets-that-may-not-be-secrets-or-maybe-those-secrets-are-camouflaging-deadly-secrets-but-wait-maybe-it’s-all-perfectly-innocent stuff. The clues are in perfectly plain sight, and Maggie plays quite fair throughout. On top of that, do you LOVE the use Maggie makes of the egregious Wanda?!? Yeah, me too. Maggie avoids the murder-mystery cliché of making the victim so nasty that no one will miss him; instead, she makes him a decent, ambitious journalist who has uncovered the wrong secret kept by the wrong person. Definitely, Maggie is turning into a creative mystérieuse, if that’s the word I want. The intriguing thing is that I didn’t miss any of the clues, and I still got the solution wrong! Paperback book http://dld.bz/oneshottoomany Kindle http://dld.bz/kindleoneshottoomany.

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