Rediscovered Book 2
Rediscovered Book 2
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Room of Fire (Rediscovered Book 2)

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Swallowed in time and believed to be burned by Nazis, the Amber Chamber is a treasure lost in war and chaos. A chance purchase in France leads museum curator Carlos Sheldon and his assistant Lauren on a broken chase through Europe for the lost Amber Room.

Pursued by deadly Russian and Polish mercenaries with their own agendas, staying one step ahead of the hunt ends in a stumble as the lines between sides blur.

Second book in the Rediscovered Series (following LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND).


Reviewed by Kayci Webster for Readers’ Favorite

Room of Fire by Jenn Rekka starts off innocently enough at a university with a professor and his assistant Laura going through the mail. Even though there is interesting mail and they end up in Europe, it all seems so pleasurable and relaxing. A gentlemen of the country, Duke to some, Gustav to others, wants to sell off his antiques before his scoundrel of a nephew inherits the manor. What better place to acquire items for the university? There are several items that the Duke will only let a few selected people know they exist. Luckily, our Professor Sheldon and Laura are among those, and what the Duke has hidden in the family crypt could blow the art world away.

After acquiring the pieces they were after for the university, Laura and Prof Sheldon get permission from the university to stay and investigate the secret the Duke has told them about. This is where it gets a bit dicey since they are not the only ones looking into the antiques, but probably the only ones doing it legally. Mystery, intrigue, sabotage, and kidnapping, along with out and out theft all come into play and three different parties try to find the same limited pieces for different reasons. It is a dynamic read, and only took me the morning of a snowy day to read. It was just that interesting, and I did not want to put it down. There is also some history and antiques information slightly sprinkled throughout that is neat, too.

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