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Secrets should be dead and buried. Eventually they are.
Arturo Moretti devises an audacious plan of creating a global financial and business empire. His ruthlessness, intimidation and coercion also creates enemies. Anyone who gets in his way or refuses to cooperate with his plans are executed.
To achieve his aims, he hits on the idea of creating sexual entrapment of important, powerful and influential business leaders, politicians and high ranking officials, who become pivotal to his global plan. By entrapment, victims have much to lose – their wealth, their careers, their family and their life.
Set in 1943, his power and authority grows on the island of Sardinia as he administers and dispenses his own interpretation of justice, mafia style. Unsolved crimes and mysterious disappearances point the blame towards Arturo. He creates a ruthless secret society, the Brigata Verde, who exist to control, coerce and intimidate his targeted victims into submission as he expands his empire.
Francesca tires of her loneliness and embarks on numerous affairs to fill the void in her life. When Arturo discovers her indiscretions, another affair becomes another execution. As a punishment to Francesca, Arturo coerces her into his devious plan of sexual entrapment.
As his victims become trapped, Arturo adds credence to his style of justice as they are tried before a Council of Elders. These are conducted within magnificent cathedrals with catholic undertones, and add a hint of Christian values and morality to Arturo’s interpretation of justice.
Mock executions take place in cathedral courtyards, medieval castles and baronial houses in Sardinia, England and the USA. The threat of executions is sufficient to intimidate and convince the victim of their plight and imminent death. Victims beg mercy and salvation and agree to any penance as a stay of their execution.
Francesca tires of her own entrapment but feels unable to escape the shackles of Arturo. Her only escape is to take control of Arturo’s growing business empire. She realises Vincent Beck has the ability to confront Arturo. He is persuaded to help Francesca overthrow Arturo and seize control of his business empire. A stunning revelation in the last chapter adds the final plot twist to a captivating storyline.

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