Selfish Ambition

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Story Synopsis

Shortly after Sherelle Lindsey transmits her dissertation to Journalism Department heads at the American University in Cairo (“AUC”), a bomb blasts through her classroom. When she wakes, she’s tied to a chair and wonders if she’s been captured by the Egyptian Army, Egyptian Police, or student protesters. To her surprise, she’s been rescued by Army Special Forces and Major Laurence “Lennie” Williams. And how does she thank this wounded soldier who almost died for her?  Betrayal. When she and her staff are pressured to come up with fresh stories for The Nation’s News Newspaper, she’s tempted to expose secrets she thinks she’s found in Major Williams’ apartment of an assassination attempt on a European target. Twisted by her strong need to become managing editor and her growing love for Major Williams, Sherelle struggles to come clean. Will she choose to ruin Major Williams’ career a second time or will she choose truth and love?

For  Major Williams, rescuing someone from the throes of danger was not only his patriotic  duty, but the adrenaline rush he needed to survive a broken engagement. After being wounded while rescuing Sherelle Lindsey, his doctor informs him that he can no longer go on covert missions. With no other option, he takes a job as a counterintelligence supervisor in Washington, D.C. Life has no real meaning for him until he sees Sherelle Lindsey on a train. It doesn’t take Lennie long to know he’s in love. Though he can’t explain it, Lennie is certain God put them together. Matter of fact, he believes unequivocally that Sherelle saved him instead of the other way around. But can he convince her of that? Or has Lennie misinterpreted God’s message?

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