Society’s Monsters

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What if the people who need help get the wrong kind? Three kids are given help by the devil and are recruited to help him get back power that is owed to him by other humans he helped. Who is truly evil here? The devil only knows and he will show those who betrayed him true EVIL! Extras; -Behind the Scenes – details about the story and what went into making it. -Two extra stories with their own Behind the Scenes extras. Dreamless – What lengths would you go to in order to achieve your dreams? Adam has a simple dream, to be with the love of his life who recently died. In this dark fantasy book, he will have to risk his life and more to do this in The Passageway of the Seven Deadly Sins or else he will become Dreamless, a mortal who has failed this test with their corrupted dreams and must wander this forest for an eternity. Combining older tales of fantasy and wonder with a darker side that is hidden underneath the surface, this story will have you wondering what you would do in order to achieve your life goals and the morals behind them. They Don’t Know – A family gets stranded in space far from all human civilization after trying to take a shortcut while planet hopping. Will they survive? Who will hear them when they’re so far out in space?

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