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Soul Sister Survival: Backroads

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All Sisters, One Race

In this so-called “man’s world”

We all are saying, “move over brother”

our time has come

we need to be heard

not necessarily always seen.

and no matter society’s stigma

we, too

deserve many pieces

of America’s apple pie.

What is that you say?

you have to go?

you aint hearing all that?

Hmm…okay…I understand

go on, walk your walk,

continue to talk your talk,

just remember this:

that self denial game you play

hey girl, it will come back to haunt you

like a ghost from your past.

So, continue moving your way

and, oh yes,

have a nice day.

renea simpson

Soul Sister Survival: Back Roads depicts the life, the struggle of Francine Cook  to overcome obstacles in her life while not falling through the cracks, to triumph unforeseen circumstances desiring to take her under.   Along the way she comes to understand one’s greatest challenge is being true to oneself and truth comes when you “love yourself first, allow what comes after to follow and flow.”

As the poem implies we are all sisters…each one of us searching within our soul for something better.  In our journeys through life we find ourselves demanding respect and equality—something robbed from us by men and society, and, yes, we ourselves.

While this novel is not another “male bashing” saga, it is a light to be shed…a wake up call for women to stop riding on low self-esteem and procrastination, our biggest setbacks.   It is saying to follow your dreams, your destiny.  Fulfill each with all your mind, your heart, your soul and your strength.  Take your visions and dreams and make each a reality.

Inner Request

my mind, my soul, my heart

O, Lord,

acknowledging You’re “The Word”


strengthen these three!

Grant them a day’s new start,

lay upon each a reward of peace.

My heart, my mind, my soul,

O Lord,

thank you for love

lighting upon my spirit like a dove

as I grew old.

My soul, my heart, my mind

O, Lord

thank you for power to forgive

days people are not so kind!

“Thanks” for reminding me

life is full of trouble,

each day I live

but at the end of the day

You, like footprints in the sand

walked, talked, and lifted

me as I traveled along the way.


renea simpson


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