The Wolf

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Sarissa travels back through time in order to understand and identify the one event that devastated and changed the course of her life. In Sarissa’s universe, an axis world is a fusing point, or the gateway, between human and animal species. It is a place where animal and human are independent and interdependent. They are equal and one with nature. Sarissa wakes up in an axis world where she is comfortable, powerful, confident, and completely in control, unlike her existence in this world where she is weak, easily intimidated and scared most of the time. Sarissa’s first challenge comes from a strange human who emerges from the woods and appears to threaten her existence. Sarissa embraces her animal instincts and transforms into a forbidding, gigantic snake that matches and surpasses the power of the stranger. With her first taste of blood, Sarissa evolves from the snake into a power wolf. As a wolf, Sarissa experiences power with every step and she runs, swiftly toward her new life. Sarissa is ready to meet the challenges of life, powerful enough to live as she pleases, and anxious to get home. In this world, Sarissa’s home is anywhere she chooses. With a cheating husband who plots to kill her, a greedy professor who wants to fire her because she dismisses his advances, and two lunatics recently released from a mental hospital trying to join her modeling troupe at the urging of her husband’s mistress, Sarissa has more than enough challenges to keep her on her toes. Anaghia, Sarissa’s Alfa wolf and ancestor comes to her rescue and introduces her to her wolf. Without the wolf, Sarissa would have lost her soul and her mind…both would have been unrecoverable. The impinging dangers that besieged Sarissa could have created a tear in Sarissa’s mind.

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