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Prince Asyrias (Volume 1)

Silas has no memories of his childhood. He has no idea why his canines come to points, his blue eyes turned to violet, his pale skin darkened golden brown, or why his rage can summon fire from his flesh. What he does know, however, is that these traits once drew admiration from others in the village, admiration that turned to fear and scorn–even hatred. He must flee, choosing to live as a beast in the forest, if he is to avoid being hanged. But now, three years later, he is wanted for the hangman’s noose again, and even the forest is no longer safe. He will have to leave–forever–to survive. This time, however, Silas is determined to find the truth at all costs.

Things in Silas’ homeland of Larasca have gone from bad to worse in those three years. The evil Queen has held true to her vow of wiping the members of the ruling family from the planet–and begins phase two of her selfish scheme, one that would spell doom for their country. But all is not lost. As Silas continues his journey to piece together the last wishes of his beloved father, the reason behind his unnatural traits, and to learn his own name, his life is complicated by a beauty named Rina, an orphan from a superstitious city. Together, their quest for truth and the Queen’s course of destruction move inexorably toward one another–and the fate of Larasca hangs in the balance!

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