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A great story which portraits the human soul at its best. A memoir about compassion and understanding that life must continue, regardless. Highlighting that the only valid alternative in life is the pursuit of happiness and the key of it all is finding someone to love. A must read for the serious observer of the human condition and all of those who appreciate life as the greatest gift of all.
This is a story about forgiveness and understanding that life must continue, regardless.

“This Márquez Thing” is in my blood. I inherited it from my father, who passed it unaltered to me, and he in turn learned it from his father. I am, as he was, insecure. All my life I have been trying to destroy myself. The mighty forces of nature must have been on my side because, so far, I have not been successful. My father and my grandfather were. They didn’t have anyone to help them in their time of need as I did. They dealt with it themselves the best way they knew how. Constantly, they seemed to enjoy battling armoured soldiers, totally unprotected and pretending to heal their wounds as they fought; but that’s impossible. So did I, and when my warranties expired, I reinvented myself into a different instrument. I had to! I refused to be thrown away like a worn-out toaster. With time, I have become very resilient and, I have to admit, also very fortunate. That is why I am still here.”

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