Saga of The Spider (or Dusty Web Has A Dinner Date)

The Saga of the Spider (also known as ‘Dusty Web has a Dinner Date’).

This is a short ten-minute video showing a rhyming story about a tricksy Spider and his planned dinner party with Fly, Moth and Longlegs.

Feeling very lonely (and hungry) Spider decides to host a dinner party. He sends out his invitations to his neighbours who are too frightened to accept the dinner invitations. Spider manages to catch Fly and Longlegs in his web, whilst Moth escapes. Moth is so upset that his friends have been caught that he flies into a candle flame.

Spider gets very excited that his dinner party will go ahead after all with his reluctant guests. He is however disturbed by his old enemy, the Duster which is busy cleaning, and has his home swept away along with all his dinner plans.

The video features some animation. This is the first reading of an original work.

Intended for a children’s audience of Nursery / Primary school / Kindergarten age (up to age 10) but may have appeal to older Children. A potential tool for introducing Children to insects for use by Teachers and Parents as the basis for introducing follow up projects in science and nature or art.

Great for read along and as the basis of a children’s short performance, or play, in drama for playing ‘dress-up’ in insect costumes.

Additional themes which may be considered include: The cycle of life and death; Bereavement; Religion – what happens after death; The food cycle; Cleaning and being tidy; Hygiene; Personal resilience; Dealing with disappointment; Dealing with Anger; Being scared; Honesty and being fair; Hospitality and entertaining; Manners; Styles of living (living in the dark / light); Telling the time; Crime and doing the wrong thing (morals); Friends and enemies; Communication; Rhyming words.

This is a rhyming story of seventeen verses.

Composed in late 2019 and inspired by a discussion around some home cleaning and maintenance before hosting visitors for a long weekend. During the weekend visit they discovered, much to their horror, a nine legged spider in their room…

Gif’s and Images used in the animated video are believed to be free and not under licence. If any are identified as otherwise and suggest a breach of image copy-write please advise and I’ll remove and re-edit, or provide credits to imagery as appropriate.

Coming to Kindle for purchase as a children’s e-book in June 2020 and a paperback towards the end of the year. Bespoke illustrations are currently under development for the e-book and hard copy versions with the key characters being Sebastien the Spider, Rusty the Moth, Benji the Fly (Bluebottle), and Lizzie Longlegs.

The Saga of the Spider is the first in a sequence of rhyming stories written for children (not quite Dr Seuss) with the next in the sequence currently being composed to be called ‘The Pigs Trotters’.

Full listings of all the works can be found on The Agathos Daimon Channel on You Tube, Facebook (ChannelAgathosD), and Twitter (TheAgathos).

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