Silent Sky

The Fethafoot Chronicles Book 11

‘The dark-skinned semi-naked boy struggled against his bindings as he stumbled along on lands he knew he didn’t have any right to be on. He had no choice but to put foot after foot and take the slaps and prods rained on him persistently since he’d been taken from his Clan lands. Forced to keep up, the boy looked dazedly across to a young girl who walked beside him. She was likewise bound, forced along and sobbing as she walked, her head and tear-streaked face looking only at the ground in front of her.’

Silent Sky is a bonus story from The Fethafoot Chronicles series by Pemulwuy Weeatunga.






John M Wenitong
I am a retired Aboriginal Australian living in far north Queensland.
I began writing Aboriginal fiction 4 years ago to encourage Aussie ATSI youth to read and write.

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