The Grimoire, by JK Easter

The Grimoire, by JK Easter

The Grimoire

‘Nothing can prepare you for what is about to happen. After the uprising, Sintar used to be such a lovely place, a place where wizards and the non-magical lived in harmony. However, now it’s full of anxiety and fear. Crime has risen and the Council can’t seem to handle the evil magic that plagues society; and Therolius Delrunt, the Overlord has to do something fast to restore the face of wizardry. But most wizards fear for magic and their wands. So there is no hope, is there? The evil Lex Talionis are getting stronger and their leader hungers for one thing – The Grimoire. Why does he lust for it? How will he get past Therolius? Surely it’s just a matter of time, as nobody can stop him…except maybe for a young wizard called Fizbar… and his spoon.’

Abstract: Fizbar Trundle is a young and recent graduate of Sintar’s School of Magic. But, he is no ordinary wizard. In fact, he’s a Falzard – nicknamed by society as a false wizard. These small groups of wizard’s harness their power through less conventional objects such as forks, chopping boards and feathers, and they are ridiculed by mainstream wizards, and the general public. In Sintar wands are magical guides – and they speak! But Fizbar’s wand is not a perfectly sculptured wand, it’s a wooden spoon. Fizbar dreams of becoming Overlord but has to progress up the wizarding ranks to achieve his dream. What he doesn’t accept is the fact that no Falzard has ever become Overlord – it simply isn’t possible for a Falzard. But, after receiving odd jobs from the Council clearly above the level of a novice, he is secretly summed to the Overlord and entrusted with a strange leather journal…The binding journal of Geldahar Zalbar. He is told to ask no questions, and to guard it with his life. Geldahar Zalbar is the mastermind behind the Lex Talionis, a group of wizard drop-outs and his desire for The Grimoire is insatiable, but it is the duty of the Overlord to protect the magic book with his life. The book has immense power for both good and evil, and Zalbar knows of another secret use – to merge magic to the bearer and rid of wands… forever. But a past experience proved that obtaining The Grimoire was far from an easy task, and because of this Zalbar knows of another way. Fizbar doesn’t realise that this will change his own magical path, it will also reveal answers about his past as he is catapulted into the life of a fully fledged wizard, as the future of Sintar and magic ends up in his hands…the hands of a Falzard.

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Jason Kurt Easter, born 1973, works as a health professional in Gibraltar. Apart from also being a biologist and natural historian, Jason has a special interest in folklore, mythology and fantasy. The Grimoire is Jason's debut YA fantasy novel.

Feeling the need to learn more about the writing craft, Jason embarked on postgraduate study in 2010. He completed his MA in Professional Writing in 2012.

He is currently working on a variety of fiction and non-fiction projects. For more information please visit his

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